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AMOS Documentation
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AMOS manuals

For anybody who maybe interested.

I am currently re-working some AMOS manuals found on Josh's website and converting some of my own. Basically to improve page layout, add bookmarks and create Links from the contents and the index to their target content. Then to release them as odt, pdf and HTML on the ultimateamiga AMOS Factory site.

Please note I have already received written permission to do this from the original developer of AMOS, Fran├žois Lionet of

The thread link is here AMOS Manuals


AMOS The Creator (odt, pdf versions Released)
AMOS Compiler (odt, pdf versions Released)
AMOS 3D (odt, pdf versions Released)
AMOS Professional Compiler (odt, pdf versions Released)
AMOS Professional Application Supplement (odt, pdf versions Released)
AMOS Club Newsletters 10 Issues
>>>> Newsletters Vol1 (pdf versions Released)

>>>> Newsletters Vol2 wip

asymetrix has already completed the AMOS pro, TOME and AMCAF manuals.
Easy AMOS was Compiled in PDF format by echo of the English Amiga Board (2009)
These manuals are also available on the above site.

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