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working broken sword 2,cant get out of the burning room yet but hay ho.

the only problem is when you first start up scummvm i had to start it in aga,but apart from that no problems so far.

on a whole its faster as well,well done novercoder.

everyone remember that broken sword 2 is cpu intensive,and as such you really really need a fast 060 to run this.more so than curse of monkey island.

EDIT:-oh dear,found a couple of bugs in broken sword 2,ile list them below.

1.the sound cuts out in random places during gameplay,but you can still play the game?!? doesent crash.
2.when you get the dart to use as a lockpick on the cupbaord the game crashes,not random it does this every time without fail.

it looks like you have your hands full with this one novercoder,better get out some fresh virgins.

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