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Originally Posted by pinchez View Post
Yeah think I might actually, It as great specs for the money and can even play movies through the USB port.

Only thing I'm concerned about is it's only 16" and widescreen, Most of my retro console collection (which i will also use this TV for) and Amiga are not Widescreen so I'm going to end up with a boarders making an already small screen smaller!
Most widescreen sets have a menu option to stretch the picture horizontally to fill the screen. I use it all the time.

Originally Posted by pinchez View Post
Changing subject slightly, Should I wait for the new ACA-1231/42 or try and grab the first decent Accelerator I can?

I'm itching to get my miggy up and running
If it really is a decent accelerator, and at a reasonable price, then there's no reason to hesitate.

The ACA accelerators are designed to perform well and have proved to be fast, but there have been reports of timing issues with some model(s) I believe, so I would wait until after the new card is released before making a decision.
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