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I upped several items into the Zone. 3 are relevant to this topic's rules, so I will describe them in detail:

Bacman.adf -- the demo version I found online. Perhaps someone will have the full version?

BrainDead & BrainKiller -- two titles, but most likely, one game. BrainDead has no readme with it, BrainKiller has this:

Short: BrainKiller new 3D Shooter
Author: VirtualMadness
Type: game/Betarelease for test in Amiga Magazines

-- BrainKiller AGA TESTVERSION 1.2
-- Amazing 3D shooter
-- sales version supports all Amigas with 68020, 4MB Fast, mimimum
Graffiticard better AGA or Cybergraphix
-- This is AGA only demo at the moment
-- 15 huge levels to slove, with different enemies, weapons and
-- 256 colors on screen display
-- 10 MB of Harddisc space
-- better fun with 030 50Mhz or higher
-- 8 Channel bombastic sound which will blast your mind )
-- speaking sequences
-- Release July/August 1997
-- on floppy disc
-- new weapons and lighting effects added in version 1.2


Mahndorfer Heerstr. 80 A

D-28307 Bremen
Tel.: +49/(0)421/48 16 20
Fax.: +49/(0)421/48 16 20

Distribution in England through

6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry
Milton Keynes. MK8 0ER U.K.



~ = Map p = Pause RShift = Handgrenade
LShift = launch mine LAmiga = fire LAlt = Kick
1 = fists 2 = plasma 6 = Machine gun
8 = rocket launcher o = mission m = motion tracker

** we develop to give the AMIGA a new future **
BrainDead is dated October 1996, whereas BrainKiller May 1997 (there are some newer files, but they are configs/readme/icons, not the actual game content, so May 1997 is the compilation date). Both are VirtualMadness titles and both have some similar files in their entrails so I assume they are actually one title that never got released. Anyone has any lead for VirtualMadness and/or its employees? Perhaps a full version or at least more levels (if it was cancelled) can be recovered.
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