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Keep them both and set them up differently I say! The A600 does exactly what my A600s do. This doesn't mean it's dead though, I think it's a bad capacitor issue. In fact if you leave it on for a while, sometimes half an hour or more, it might resume booting after having sat there for so long with a blank screen and Caps Lock light on. So just give it a try, switch her on and leave her for a while and see if anything changes. If it does or it doesn't, you should still get the motherboard repaired. If you can solder you can replace the caps yourself, or you can send the motherboard to AmigaKit for a full caps replacement and testing.

I think the perfect combination would be an A1200 with a 030 accelerator and an A600 with some extra RAM, serial linked together with a null-modem cable for fun head-to-head game action. An A600 with a 1MB ChipRAM upgrade (for a total of 2MB) and 2 or 4MB FastRAM, either on an internal RAM card attached to the CPU or with SRAM in the PCMCIA slot will make your A600 into a very good WHDLoad machine, and perfect for that second member of the family or a friend to use while you're on the A1200.

I think you should put a 3.1 ROM and a 4GB CF card in the A600 as well, it's what I use on my A600s and I love them.
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