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Getting back in to Amiga - A600 or A1200?

I would like to put together a nice little WHDLoad gaming and tinkering machine. I have a A600 that is white and very clean but when i power it up there's just a blank screen and caps lock light stays on. I also Have a A1200 that's gone yellow (more so the keyboard) but works perfectly.

After a couple of days researching I still don't know what to do so I'll list my options as I see them and see what you think.

A600 - I would buy a new motherboard, ACA 630/25 Stealth Accelerator, 1mb chip ram upgrade and a 4GB CF IDE HARD DISK.
Pros - Small and neat looking, easy to store away.
Cons - Not as functional or as powerful as a A1200 and might miss AGA games and Demos.

A1200 - I would buy ACA-1231/42 (comes out end of this month) and a 4GB CF IDE HARD DISK.
Pros - 2mb chip ram, AGA graphics, best all round Amiga
Cons - Looks a bit big, not as nice looking as A600 and not as portable.

I'm not sure I want to get in to Flickerfixers etc. I have a nice portable RGB Scart TV with a great picture that i'm happy with.

I can't make my mind up which way to go, would appreciate some advice and thoughts on this.

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