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Hi, Just started my Amiga mid life crisis!!!

Hi everyone

I'm 43 and I've got the urge to build myself a nice little Amiga WHDLoad gaming machine with a 4GB CF card and an Accelerator of some kind.

I was heavily in to the Amiga in the 80's and 90's owning several machines A500, A600 and A1200 which was fully pimped out with just about everything you could get at that time. But my love affair ended when I saw a 486 PC running Doom etc.

Since then I've become a collector of consoles from Saturn upwards and own pretty much all consoles and a beast of a PC (i7 2600k, GTX 580 in a SG05 Mini ITX case) I've also been hoarding computers for years from car boots and always just stick them in the loft!

I new that I have at least 2 Amiga's in the loft so I decided to dig them out and after testing I have a fully working but yellowing A1200 and a Dead but very clean white A600. So the quest begins.

I'll post a new thread as I would like opinions on which way to go A600 or A1200.

Looks like a great community here btw
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