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This year's rules encourage us (in fact, almost force us) to work with copyrighted stuff, which is totally OK for me. Indeed, my personal opinion on copyright enforcers, just in case anyone has doubts about it, is that they should:

-go to hell
-then, die
-once dead, go to hell again
-resurrect and repeat the whole process in an endless loop until intelectual property laws meet common sense

Anyway, I had the intention to enter the comp with a text adventure, as usual. Adapting some current franchise into a short interactive story won't be a trouble with the comp organizers, but most probably I would like to upload or link the game later in some Interactive Fiction related sites, and I'm not 100% sure that using unlicensed material there won't be an issue.

With that in mind I've been researching into public domain works, open source characters, copyright-expired novels or movies, thinking that would be a nice workaround. That itself has been a lot of fun, as there are a lot of really weird stuff hanging around out there. But in the end, aiming to be in the totally safe side of the law means jumping back to the pre-Sherlock Holmes age, and I don't feel that fits the spirit of the comp (though it would be valid, of course, and Holmes himself was one of the first ideas which came to my mind, but then, there is already a Sherlock Holmes text adventure for the Amiga, what's more, a very good one!)

I've got two ideas for this comp. One of then is about a current on-air TV-series and, of course, means "To hell with copyright and go with it". The other one seemed to be the perfect balance of something that is simultaneously "Hot-news" and free of copyright... too good to be true... it had the same stigma that would have had Sherlock Holmes, I mean: while the original source material has had its copyright expired, there is an active trademark on it... so in the end it would also mean "To hell with copyright and go with it!"

(the work I was thinking of is exactly going to be "hot news" somewhere around march 2012 and is at the same time "public domain" stuff -now, a no prize goes to the first to guess what it was - it's the trademark thing what could spoil it )

Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this matter. What's your take? I mean, are you on the "To hell with copyrights" side or would you rather look for a workaround if possible? I haven't decided yet.

By the way, in this temp comp webpage Cammy has built there are mentions to at least a couple of franchises already on the works for an entry, Satrgate and BMX Bandits (nice!). Anymore people thinking of something to adapt into an Amiga game?

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