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Originally Posted by gibs View Post

You mean "Esc" while the 1st screen is bouncing ?
Yes. This give me possibility of faster exit when I do not want to launch games or demos.
I would like you explain me clearly the goal of the exit number, i can be interesting.
I do not know AMOS, but it can write on conosle, because I has some AMOS compiler in past under WinUAE and it can write on CLI any text like simple "Hello world" programs. In HSPascal you just need to do:
so probable in AMOS it also possible. The goal of displayitng that number is to possibility of read it by set SomeVariable command like I show you above. The value can give me possibility to break the scrip with SKIP commands, which allow me to jump to begin of script to launch Tiny Launcher again without loading Classic WB and save some memory. And because your proggy use keyboard too, so I do not neet to have joy or mouse connected like in other launchers or utils like joyread or GetMouseInput to read state of joystick or mouse to execute other commands.

I don't know if it is possible to do (I have checked a little in the documentation). but if it's not possible to do maybe I can made it exit with an error so you can check this number ??
another solution is to add ASM code that allow to do that.
I do not know how is it with exit codes in AMOS but maybe some instruction can return WARN (in most cases the same as 5). But remember return this value only when user exit not after situation when game/demo is run. So maybe in AMOS something like: Writeln('0'); or Exit(ErrorCode); is possible to do?
My next objective is maybe to add a configuration screen because for people not familiar with the Amiga, maybe it's awkward to modify the startup-sequence to configure the program.
Good idea. Remember to add "C" char to config window - hotkeys are also good things
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