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Why would you use TL SE ?

I did TL SE for Tomcat666, because he wanted to launch the games on a stock amiga 600 KS2 & 1MB. He wanted to use the launcher instead of going into the early startup and use its AmigaDos scripts.

But for the Amiga 600, the Kickstart 3.X is the way to go.
Cammy & Mfilos were trying to explain that in this post :

With the KS 3.X TL reset the Amiga after you have selected the game, so it save the maximum of memory.

Tomcat has reported that TL SE was working as good as when he was booting with no startup sequence and launching the game with script.

I can improve it in the future but it's a question of time.
I prefer to focus on Tiny Launcher and make it as good as I can.

So for the Amiga 600, I would say that if you wish to use whdload seriously with this computer, a Kickstart 3.X and 1MB of Ram extension allow you to launch most of the best Amiga games.

As I wrote in the frontpage of this thread, I'm not a magician

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