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Originally Posted by Vectra View Post
Looking at my old Amiga mags I can see that hard drives in the early days of the Amiga were insanely expensive. To add a HDD to your machine you were looking at around £200. One of the beautiful things about the Amiga back then and what made it appeal to me was that a HDD was optional.
Oh yes, I remember shelling out £450 for the first 1gb drive at consumer level, and I couldn't even get it to work with my A500 at the time.

Original post mentioned that most MD games were full screen. That's not true. Cool Spot may have been, but that would have been a 1 in a 100. 90% of them were the NTSC version under a PAL label, leaving the usual PAL borders.

Edit: Oh wait, is that another kind of full screen you're referring to? I should prolly give Cool Spot a run
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