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Looking at my old Amiga mags I can see that hard drives in the early days of the Amiga were insanely expensive. To add a HDD to your machine you were looking at around £200. One of the beautiful things about the Amiga back then and what made it appeal to me was that a HDD was optional.

I could run Wordworth, Deluxe Paint and everything else from a floppy until I could eventually afford to put a HDD in my A1200.

One of the games that bugged me on Amiga however was Brian Lara cricket, I felt that the Megadrive had a superior version to this title. Sure the Amiga one had lovely graphics and animation but it lacked sprites for different races which the Megadrive managed to pull off.

This was put in the manual and the press as a technical limitation, what I guess the reason was from that was they were trying to keep the game limited to a single floppy.
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