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Help me set up an A1200? :)

So I used to have an A1200 up until 2005, when I sold it for poor-college-student purposes. She was a sweet buddy, with a Microbotics 1230XA, 16MB ram, OS 3.1 (Magic Pack Machine), 260MB Hard drive... etc...

Well, I was bitten by the bug again. I realize there are few chicas in the Amiga community (evidenced by the choices of background for nearly all the "show your real WB"), so I thought I'd pitch in and up the total . But seriously, I bought an A1200 with DKB1202 w/8MB (Need to find a copy of MagicMem), 3.1 Roms, 500MB HD (not CF card), WB 3.1 installed, etc...

I also purchased an Orinoco Gold Wireless card (has drivers on Aminet), a super-duper-high-quality composite cable (I'm in the USA, so using NTSC and a TV) to get almost acceptable display quality, and a 3.5" DD USB drive for transferring stuff between my PC and Amiga.

So, I'll be picking up the 1200 from the Post Office on Monday, and wanted to get it ready for full-fledged use.

First, assuming I transfer by floppy a TCP/IP stack and, say, Lynx for browsing, is there any way to install ClassicWB just by downloading it straight to the Amiga? I don't want to do the whole CF card/interface thingy. I like keeping it old school with a 2.5" drive .

Also, does MagicTV work with Cammy's super palette? I need to use 640x400 (or 700x440....whatever I can get with overscan once I set it up) since I want to make this a "1999 reality" machine, complete with a Canon BJC printer, productivity Apps, etc... I don't really game much though I'm sure I'll get the WHDLoad thing eventually... mainly so I can play golf games and CinemaWare.

Also also, is there a way to get IBrowse 2.4 or is it in some sort of eternal limbo? I guess I can live with AWeb (as I did in the past), but my brief trial with UAE indicated quite a bit of instability.

Also, any other thing you can recommend to get me to the point where I can boot and do anything I want (albeit slowly) would be much appreciated! For example, if there is an alternate audio format to mp3s that will play at decent speed on the A1200, that would be great (Since 16kbps @ 8000 khz probably sounds terrible and is my guess for max useful playback on a FastRam A1200).

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