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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Sure, but beyond 1 meg chip +2meg fast (for a random example) for the typical user didnt happen until much later, but which point the amiga was commercially dead.
Also, you cant really compare floppy disks to dedicated ram/rom, clearly having 16/32 mb "on tap" is an advantage vs. floppies. Valuable chipram is freed up when code can reside in other ram for a very simple example, graphics and sound data can be ready be passed to chip, and descompression can be done inside fast ram (along with the code for it).

Obviously its not going make a big difference to how quickly bobs can be thrown around, or influence hardware sprite power and so on, but the cartridge format does hold some advantages to floppy discs, especially with the sort of machines being discussed.
Sorry, but i don't agree.

Dedicated Amiga games were generally good enough that whilst extra ram would have helped, wouldn't have made a great difference.

most games need very little memory for actual code. Quite a lot of games are extremely simple and need very little memory.

Its graphics and sample data that take up the most, and depending on how the game is structured, wouldn't ultimately make a superior game if it was already preloaded into more ram.

What you're forgetting is that at some point the game has to be loaded into that ram, so either way, floppy disk access avoidance is impossible. Whether or not you sit there for 10 minutes as three or four disks worth of data load up into memory, or you swap disks at certain intervals, doesn't stop disk access.

You still don't seem to appreciate the difference in megabit or megabyte as you didn't address the point I made about it.

Secondly, its great having ROM storage, but in the case of the Megadrive and SNES that have such tiny address space storage for music, the Amiga would in fact appear to win again.

Monkey Island as an example from someone else simply couldn't have meaningfully happened on the SNES and Megadrive, the cost of cartridge production would have been massively prohibitive.

Disks... not so much
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