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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Using the latest 030 AGA version from Aminet.
I am getting some odd issues.
The program starts in one of two ways.

1. The splash screen is black and white. The menu loads with colour, but flickers very badly.
2. The splash screen loads normally but the menu does not appear.

In both instances ESC gets me back to workbench. If I then enter the SCUMMVM AGA .info settings and change a tooltype, the Amiga crashes when hitting save.

My system is an A1200 Blizzard 1230 MkIV 32MB RAM and an Indivision AGA. I run CWB Full. In my Devs/Monitors I have only PAL and NTSC. I can run WB ok in Multiscan modes through the Indivision.

Has anyone seen similar issues?
Yes and not. First time I loaded it the splash screen looked right, but launcher colours were flashing very badly. When I clicked "quit", the whole Amiga went into guru.

On my second attempt I changed auto_select_audio into FALSE to select Paula 8 bits stereo. It worked fine.

Then I changed it back to TRUE. Nothing happened, that's to say, it still was (and is) working fine, so it seems that it wasn't an auto_select_audio tooltype issue.

So far I've only played with Day Of The Tentacle and Indy:Fate Of Atlantis, and everything is going fast and smooth!

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