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@gibs: new version is nice. Mod Player is good idea but need to be fixed. I tested version 1.6 of TinyLauncher under WinUAE and Classic WB Lite and I see following bugs:

- if TLMODS: directory is empty module player shows -1 mods count

- if I got two empty files called aaa.mod and bbb.mod and third mod called chipek.mod which is valid module by XTD and I see list staring from bbb.mod and when I select it by fire/enter key - I hear a chipek.mod.

- when TLMODS: is empty screen should shows no modules found or any text message like that and also M key should be disabled because when pressing "M" key and TinyLaunmcher will close and a CLI error "Bank not reserved" in "Tools Output Window" show.

So please add error checking to mod player and probable you must fix some loop in code which already starting from 1 and should start it from 0 to count first mod file Thnaks in advice. And traditionally sorry for my english

EDIT: ah - now I see "M" key is for mute music, but I think it should be disabled is no music is playing. Also user may have possibility to back to main screen when no mods in directory. Thats all for now in my bugs report and tests. If I will see something more I let you know here

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