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Cool to hear that

I forgot to tell.
If you want to switch between Music/Sounds use the "M" key.

For the flashing is present on the Music listing, it's because I use the 8 colours in the previous picture (speaker).
I'll see later if I can find a solution.

Another thing, if you have some .mod that doesn't play, maybe it's because they are in soundtracker format. load them into protracker as 15 instruments, save the tune again, verify that the name is "XXXXXXX.mod" (not and the length is not >25 characters or it will be ignored.
Anyway with FFS under the WB I don't think you can give a name > than 25 charsets.

And if you wonder why I have decided to launch .exe the .mod (I mean name followed by the extension, like the M$ DOS) it's because it seems to be the trend in the demoscene nowadays

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