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If you're not registered to whdload, you'll have a little delay before launching your game.

Does Chuckrock (for example) run from WinUAE (add more RAM like 8MB of FAST)

Forget TinyLauncher for the moment.

From the Workbench, Launch the CLI (Command Line Interface)

Cd ChuckRock
whdload chuckrock.slave

You can use the commande "dir" to List
"cd"=change directory.

if you can't run the game like this, it won't run on Tiny Launcher.
Tiny Launcher is just a front end.

Good Luck

Check that you have the right kickstart in Devs:Kickstarts/
(There are 5 kickstarts, put at least the 1.2, 1.3 and maybe 2.0)
They must be named correctly.
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