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Originally Posted by Lobotomika View Post
I didn't know desert / jungle strike were EHB, thanks. Too bad most of the other examples are either about static fullscreen digitized ugliness or a copper gradient. My main objection to these are that they're too situational, raw and gimmicky; like SNES mode 7. So if MD's shadow/highlight mode is also that static, it doesn't worth talking about either. EHB in desert strike is more like what I agree with. That brings possibilities to the table, some potential you can provide to the graphic artist. Also interesting to hear you could open a new screen for scoreboard and have a seperate palette there, on the same screen. So did Elfmania do this? If not, what game did?
No offence, but I don't think you appreciate the power of the Amigas custom hardware.

The copper chip does a lot more than colourful rainbow backdrops, it can be used to reload colours EVERY scanline.

Take Jim Power for instance, its technically a 16 colour game because its dual playfield. However, with extensive reloading of colours per scanline, its quite a hell of a lot more than 16 colours.
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