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You can find the games that works with whdload here :
Download BattleSquadron, and unpack it. It should run.


I don't think it is possible to mount a RAD with this kickstart 2.0
The goal of TL is to be simple to use, so it detect for you the best way to launch the whdload, and actually a rule is set and if there is no Fast Ram on the Amiga then it use a RAD drive to get the max memory...It can be great for Stock Amiga 1200 or CD32...
But for the A600 with Kickstart 2.0 it's not the case... So the solution would be to check if there's the AGA chip (and this is what I try to do since TL1.5) but I noticed that on my CD32, AGA isn't detected ATM, I need to investigate.

ATM the best solution for you is to launch TinyLauncherSE (it only launch whdload)
and I'll told you when the problem is solved.

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