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Originally Posted by Lobotomika View Post
Please explain this amiga having more colors with denise thing (excluding copper) as it's hard to believe it could display more colors than a MD with 64/183 colors.
As far as I know, there is no megadrive game displaying more than 88 colours in game (Vectorman, and as far as i'm aware, the only one). Though I would certainly like to see a screenshot of one (not including MegaCD, which is not the same display hardware or processor).
Why would you exclude the copper? it isn't just for rainbow gradients, you can change the actual palette entries per scanline.

Pioneer Plague uses a HAM to display 256 colours on screen. Shame the guy couldn't draw ;P Does anyone know how he did this?
Universe has 256 colours on screen
Knights Of The Crystallion uses HAM
Labyrinth of time is in HAM

Other games with between 100 and 200 colours are: Brian the lion, Lionheart, Fire and ice and elfmania. Some change the palette on the fly, some use copper gradients, and some open a new screen for the scoreboard. The same as you can do if you drag down deluxepaint to show another deluxepaint with a different picture. I'm sure there are plenty of others.

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