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Watch The F...riendly Video (so it will be WTFV not RTFM ) but seriously, probable you have some Workbench 1.3 or 2.0 installed on Your Amiga 600. So both OS have simple editor called ed. Just watch setup video from first post in this thread and do what you must to do. Just add assign to TLGECS: in your startup-sequence and later execute Tiny Launcher. All is showed at 1:50 in this video: [ Show youtube player ] nothing hard to do it. Just basic Amiga usage I own real Amiga 1200 so I did not help you more in remote way. But like I tested Amiga 600 under not extended configuration under in WinUAE - Arkanoid and IK+ runs fine but slowly (caused by low 1 MB memory) so You only need add entries below at start of your s:startup-sequence file:
assign TLGECS: DH0:your_game_directory
Ofcourse if you place TinyLauncherSE in DH0:C subdirectory. Also You need WHDLoad from (latest version or at least 16.8 recommened). That's all and sorry for my very bad English

EDIT: Ah, gibs was first. I forgot about Kickstart 1.3 dumps which sometimes requested by game WHDLoad's slaves. Sorry ;/ Ah and buy WHDLoad personal key file in future to skip nasty nag and delay before loading any game

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