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Originally Posted by mikele View Post
there's one cute game on MegaDrive which has that Amiga feeling. It's Flink, which on Amiga platform was released for CD32 only. Another evidence that MD could handle games that were not possible on A500.

Besides I'd risk statement that MD+MegaCD could crunch quite a data - take a look at smooth scaling and rotation in AH3 Thunderstrike (Thunderhawk in Europe), Jaguar XJ 220 or Batman Return's driving/flying levels, which make CD32's performance look pale. Go compare Thunderstrike with Gunship 2000
Flink was restricted to CD/cartridge due to data constrains, not chipset inability. The A500 would manage a version of flink if it had a CD drive, or lots of HDD space to store it on. A CDTV could probably do it.

Once you add the megaCD to the equation you are also adding a extra 12.5mhz 68k, 512k of ram, and a new graphics not a megadrive at all anymore.
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