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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Aww... Come on then, spill the beans. Mine's a slim!

is all i did was bypass 2 micro switches,for the slim its the one in the front of the unit that lets the system know the lid is shut,the second one is in the back of the lid that lets the system know its ok to fire the laser,you can do this with miniture toggle switches.(this allows the swapping of disks in the drive with the lid open)

when youve done that you will need an ORIGINAL game,and of course a copy(i dont have a ps2 anymore but ile eaxplain how this works)

right for ps1 copys,put an original game in the drive leave the lid open and turn on,then as soon as you see the playstation logo remove the disc and insert the copy,thats it.(this is because the copys dont have the boot sector on the disc)

now for ps2 copys,this is a tad more difficult,heres how its done.
find an original game on DVD and its around 4GIG in size,as the startup disk(it has to be this size for ALL copys to work,this is because the donor dvd has to be LARGER than the copy)then do as above and your away.
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