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Hi Gibs!
I have a stock A600.
I'm using TL1.5 but when I run it, after the LOADING R:... TL closes and return to the WB screen...
I'm totally newbie on Amiga.
I've downloaded some whdload games (such as Arkanoid, Apydia) but none worked.
What's wrong?
I simply copied the directory game to my TLGECS directory. Is that right?
I read about the *.tl files... what is this? I have to create this file for each game?
I have a DH0:TLGECS: and the games (Apydia, Arkanoid, etc). Do I have to create a .tl file inside of these directories? How? )))))
And... can I run TL inside the Workbench? Or only in the shell?

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