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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
ile try that later,and i will try day of the tentacle.

EDIT:- if i set it to 4 it stutters,sorry you just cant win can you?
Hiya Roy,

Just go some interesting feedback from an German A3000 user on this release...

I have tested the new RTG-Version. And Broken Sword I + II run on my A3000.
CSPPC (128MB) with CVPPC (CGX4) + Prelude and fast HD.
Broken Sword I a little bit slow but playable with good Sound + good Voices.
Broken Sword II playable but bad Sound + bad Voice-Sound.
The Sound will be stutters. With Prelude 16bit or Paula 8bit.
And i have the same Problem with CoM:
The other Games (Monkey Island 1+2, Sam and Max, DoT .....) run nearly perfect.
Broken Sword 1/2 and COM are the only games that I expected to have any sound issues (because the CPU can't keep up). Not sure why your also have sound issues with less demanding games like DOTT? My little 030 was (almost) running DOTT without any sound issues so an 060 should be ok?

Anyway, I'll try and do a new RTG beta which uses a sperate thread to run the audio which should fix the stutter issue.

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