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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Prowler - I can see the first different byte being read in by the trackloader and being cleared just prior to the title screen. So the ripper can't be at fault if there is even any fault at all. Anything made from a memory dump is subject to differ from the ADF.
Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
You compared uninitialised (from disk) and initialised (from memory) version of tracker module. Initialised tracker module has cleared 2 bytes for every sample.
Thankyou both for the info. After more than three years as an active member on these forums there's still much to learn, and that's what keeps it so interesting.

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Maybe you can bring some of that new GM clout to bear and get this game entered in the EAB/LEMON contest so it can get a proper shakedown.
Only by persuading a sufficient number of participants to vote for the game could anyone achieve that, but we're not quite ready for that yet in any case.

This evening, I finally fixed the last bad sector in the disk image. I could not get a valid capture of it whatever I tried, but when I found that read errors were often triggered by a particular byte on that disk block, I saw that it was possible - likely even -that only this byte was invalid. So I searched the disk image for another instance of the byte sequence including this one, suitably modified, and I discovered that the entire content of Disk Block 1181 appears a total of 34 times. That's pretty conclusive!

So now we have Release Candidate 1, incorporating fixes for Disk Blocks 336 (as described previously) and 1181.
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