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AMOS Documentation
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Hi from Scotland

I didn't introduce myself when I joined so I'm doing it now.

The Amiga definitely has a big place in our hearts.

Like many people all my Amiga gear was boxed and stored away and like many people I thought I'll need to get rid off the stuff, I could sell it.

and then

you open the box, dig the Amiga out and start connecting everything up

and as you do

a big smile starts to creep onto your face and you think I need to get back into this, I have to.

There must be some old charter or something. "Thou Shalt Not Abandon The Amiga" or is that a commandment.

So like many of you, here I am. Planning some projects and generally tinkering away with that big smile beaming. It's been a few mothns now and the smile is still there.

Have fun everyone.

For anyone interested in where the MadAngus handle came from. I once worked in England as a development engineer and while I was coming up with solution for problems I would walk up and down the lab discussing with myself (Aloud) ideas and scribbling them down on a note pad. To the lab staff this seemed slightly insane behavior. So one bright lab rat put the two together 'Insane and Scottish' and so was born MadAngus.

My main interest is to develop a documentation system for documenting open source software and producing documentation for said software, as I see this as a major weakness of the open source environment. The primary focus will be developing some software for the AROS OS and develop the documentation system alongside this software.
Think of this as a course in Applied Documentation.

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