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Imageing Amiga Hard drives

Hi guys.

I'm back in .nz for a short while and need to image my harddrives.

Problem 1, is my external USB->2.5" IDE HDD is broken, so I can't take it out of the case and connect it to the HDD's.

Problem 2, I can't find a 2.5" IDE male to 2.5" IDE Female chord in my local computer shops to plug it into the my USB 2.5" IDE HDD case to connect to my amiga HDD's.

Is there a utility for the A1200 standard? I have a IDE->CF 1GB CF card and the hard drives I need to image are 3x40mb IDE internal drives and 1 1x580mb IDE external drive.

Most drives have 2 partions on it, will WinUAE still be able to detect it when I add it to WinUAE.

Thanks in advance.
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