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It is so preservation is complete. I don't think after that, that there will be an ounce more we can do for each game (other than finding all the different versions/languages).

As you probably noticed from that gameinfo.xml I posted in another thread - this will allow fontend writers to (say) create a 3D box - and all the nice stuff that may come with that.

I don't think we have any plans to do this ourselves atm - too much time is taken up by finding every game ever released for the Amiga. This is what the gameinfo.xml's are designed for - to enable people to do amazing stuff with the "content" that comes out of C.A.P.S. - done by other people probably better than we could ourselves anyway.

Just imagine - forget the frontends - why not build a complete Amiga encyclopedia (program) - an Almanac - every game, with everthing that came with it accessable with the click of the mouse...


Well, that is my idea of heaven anyway.
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