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Originally posted by Fissuras
Talking about dumps, there is this guy selling some boxed amiga games. Nine games exactly: Darkman - Elf - Epic - Lethal Weapon - Nightbreed - Push Over - Addams Family - Disposable Hero - Lotus III.

If this can be of any help I can buy them, scan the manuals, dump the games, or whatever is needed...

That would be very handy if you could. How much were you planning to pay? I hope it is not too much.

Anyway, remember you need 68020+ KS2.0+ 2Mb+ Amiga to dump the games with CT. (a A1200 is just fine)

As for scanning:

All scans should be 300 dpi and *at least* 80% quality JPEG's (though I do mine at 85%). If any of the manual is of low colour/detail then save it as PNG, because JPEG doesn't handle that very well. If we can get them, we scan *everything*. All sides of the box (unless north/south east/west sides are the same), disk, protection cards etc.

I know it is a lot of work, but it will all be worth it in the end!

For more information (and getting CT - C.A.P.S. Transfer - the dumping program) please shoot a mail off to:

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