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Originally Posted by James View Post
A lot of I want/don't want from someone who is happy with the old stuff. If you want more upgrade.
Uh... Lets try that again. I want a webbrowser for the "real" amiga OS, which to me would be 3.x. It's clearly wishful thinking, but still, it's an opinion i'm allowed to have.

Originally Posted by James View Post
If you don't why are you complaining about it?
Who is what?

Originally Posted by James View Post
You should be satisfied with what you have?
Yeah. Fuck those that want things that aren't already provided. Sit down, shut up, and fit in to the gray mass.

Originally Posted by James View Post
I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people boasting about never upgrading, only to then start complaining about problems they would not have if they upgraded.
I'm sorry, but your point here is? I just love car analogies, so i'm going to use one.

Some one have a perfectly fine, but old, rusty and dented car. It's not a race car, but an old banger still gets you where you have to go. For a unknown reason the owner isn't quite happy with it, but gets a new car. This one has all the bells and whistles, goes like a rocket, and looks like a spaceship. Due to incorrect wheel alignment it has a nasty habit of losing traction when it's wet out, something that would be an easy fix, but since it's a problem they never would have had with the old ride, they should shut up, and only use the new ride in dry conditions. Or simply shut up, and drive in wet conditions as well, and end up of-road, in a tree, or something just as lethal.

Honestly dude. What was your point again? That the old banger was perfect and couldn't have been equiped with working heating, so the owner could have kept it, instead of getting a new ride? You confuse me. Upgrade, fix a flaw, it doesn't matter to you, you just want to whine about it, so neither can be done?
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