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Originally Posted by xc8 View Post
It was possible to do this with the older versions too!
Do you know the "-disableharddrivesafetycheck" option?
I'd rather say it was only possible in older versions, as said above. The switch was removed some time ago. Not really sure why. To introduce yet a line of defence vs unwanted partition loss?

Originally Posted by fgh View Post
(If I understood correctly, now you need to remove all fat partitions to use it in winuae)
I'm not sure, havent tried it out, but it's my understanding that you have to remove any existing partitions that aren't supported by WinUAE. One isn't very likely to encounter a EXTx / NTFS partition on a CF perhaps, but if it has been in use for a laptop drive it could very well happen. Pretty much, nuke all partitions, and WinUAE should play nice. Once configured with Amiga partitions it should also play nice, of course.
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