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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
It's already been mentioned that an FPGA accelerator will be built one day when the prices come down enough (and there is still a classic Amiga market when that happens).

It will probably be based on an 030 softcore rather than an 040/060 core but it could still be much faster than a real 030 ACA.

A 200 Mhz 030 with FPU would probably be a as fast as a real 060 for most games/demos/applications.

Of course as it would be FPGA based, it could even be updated with an 040/060 softcore if one was ever developed (currently there is only an 020/030 core).
Yes it would be even better to have a 030 as it's more compatible with games and apps as opposed to 060. Just add more Mhz's or a couple of Ghz's ;-)
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