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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post

You seem to know a fair bit about the MD's hardware.
Far from it. I owned and played the hell out of my Mega Drive when I was young, but even so, I barely know anything about the hardware. I Wikipedia'd most of that info.

Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
I was just wondering how did Ubi Soft manage to emulate the SNES's mode 7 in the game Street Racer? It wasn't full mode 7 (e.g. you couldn't rotate around 360 degrees), but it's as close as the MD could get (without using the SVP chip and 3D graphics).
Ehh... don't take my word for it (because I sure as hell wouldn't know), but I'm guessing that game uses a scanline-based renderer to display the graphics in faux 3D. They probably used that same technique that was used before in the first two Test Drive games, and Grand Prix Circuit for Amiga and DOS. Maybe all 3 Lotus games also used that trick to render their faux 3D graphics? Again, I wouldn't really know.
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