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This evening, using another disk drive and TSGui, I managed to salvage both Cylinders 0 and 1 intact. However, for the first time in my experience, there are discrepancies between the apparently valid data captured yesterday and today for Cylinder 0, and these discrepancies can clearly be attributed to corruption of the data in both captures.

Furthermore, there are similar discrepancies between the apparently valid data captured for Cylinder 1 today using TSGui and previously using my KryoFlux setup on my PC.

These two cylinders have repeatedly shown this sort of behaviour which gives seemingly valid data captures which turn out to be different from day to day.

Using this collection of information, I have tried to construct authentic data to fill the flaky sectors in this region of the disk, and these are the only changes in the WIPA disk image, which I really must get around to testing next...

There are still 5 known bad sectors in this disk image, none of which are in the first 15 cylinders, and all of which I suspect will require only trivial changes to fix them but, at this point, I've still not finished trying to salvage this information from the disk.
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