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Where'd my post go?

Anyway, it all depends on the CPU. Used ones are quite cheap, but if Jens will neither 1) sell the card with just the socket, to owners who have a 68060 accel already and thereby a CPU, nor 2) make an exception and source used CPUs, it will never . ever . happen.

Certainly I don't see him making a very expensive (200 EUR+) board at all, and the CPU-less board could actually reduce the economical risk for him.

I hope he can see the potential for a card with just the socket, I mean the Amiga webshops there are have pretty good contact with the community and can easily deny returns if they swap CPU and it works.

In my opinion he could offer "Trade in your Apollo" coupons for a slight reduction in price

Hey, maybe that's the only thing that could make it possible. Send your old 68060 board to a reseller and they fit the old CPU on the ACA1260.
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