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How to switch screen modes in Personal Paint?

I just found out that the Amiga Forever CD-ROM which I bought already in the late 1990s includes a full copy of Personal Paint version 7.1. When I start it, I am presented with a HiRes Laced screen with 8 colours. Selecting "Environment -> Switch" from the File menu gives me a HiRes Laced screen with 16 colours. Selecting the menu option again goes back to the original screen. The Amiga is supposed to be able to use a maximum of 256 colours out of a palette of 16,777,216 hues. I also have Deluxe Paint version 5 on the same system, which I originally bought from a software store way back in the middle 1990s, and it is fully able to use a 256-colour HiRes Laced screen under E-UAE. So there is no technical reason Personal Paint couldn't either. So I must simply be missing how to configure screen modes in Personal Paint. Can anyone help me?
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