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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
Sorry the pedant in me has to call you up on the continual use of the "Wrote" instead of "written"
Hehehee, I am surprised that you didn't mention the missing "the" in the line :-

"I am really surprised at wisdom of your comments above."

I chopped a lot off the original text and did some alterations to simplify the argument such as omitting that USB devices are also hot swappable but the program that is used to stop and safely remove such a device is also used for PCMCIA card removal on most operating systems to prevent the risk of damage etc.

There are probably a load of other grammatical errors to be found but what the heck, I'm no budding author and at my time of life, if I was a car I would be wrote off (or maybe written off or even a write off)
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