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2* A1200 towered (1 micronik and 1 Power tower)
1* A600 Towered
3* A600 Desktop
4* A1200 Desktop
1*A500 my baby! First Amiga I got.

Al working perfectly except the A500 whose parallel port and Enter button do not work.

For many years my Micronik towered amiga has been my pride and joy, witht he Picasso4 and blizzard 1260 in it, and it really was a workhorse back in the day. Imagine and Vista Pro 3 would work all night and all day rendering my animations.

I decided to get desktop machines so I could mod them in different ways. I always liked the size of the A600 and when Jens produced the accelorator cards I got the 30Mhz version with 64mb ram, it flew.

One of my modded A1200s now has a cdrom, 2 flash cards, Indivision AGA and a Blizzard 1260. I love it.
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