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A PC game for Twist!!

It's almost oxymoronic..a clash of titans.
Imagine, our buddy and resident American Amigan, loving a PC game released not in 1992 or so, but 2001!!
I bet Twist and all Amiga & Retro loving gamers would have a good chance at liking this lil game.

"The Island Of Dr. Malvado" is a cutsie platformer, just up Twist's alley. Colourful and very Amiga-like, but not up to par with the Amiga feel and look, this is a small game that shows there are sane pc game programmers out there. And in my opinio, is vastly more likeable than 99 % of PC games out there. I've included a link to the game, and to the website. Please have a go, I loved it.

Next mission: to find a PC shooter for Akira.

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