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AmigaWriter Help . . .

I recently puchased AmigaWriter from "Extreme Computing" ( I received the software friday (11/15) and immediately installed it. The first time I ran it, it asked for a serial number that was supposed to be on the registration card -- only problem is -- there wasn't one in the box. The only thing in the box were the install cd & a manual (in German). I emailed Extreme Computing for help and their response so far has been to tell me that the software was "new" and that the card should be in the box. I've emailed them again, but am not hopeful. I also emailed Haage-Partner, but haven't gotten a response back.

I can live without registering the software, but it would be NICE if I could at least RUN it! Does anyone here have a serial number that they'd be willing to share? I swear that this is legitimate -- like I said I have the CD & manual, so maybe I can verify first something from them that would prove I telling the truth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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