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Hi guys,

I just booked my trip today, and I'll be there with (practically) no limit to what I can carry with me, because I'll be going by car/ferry.

If anyone of you wants his Indivision AGA flashed to the latest CPLD (with the Blizzard 1260 reset fix), or if you have an ACA630 that doesn't have the PCMCIA fix yet, please bring it, and I'll do the fix for free. I'll have the required equipment with me, and you can take your card back home with you on the same day.

I'll have the current prototypes with me, just in case you want to take a look at what's not yet working :-)

I'll have a limited supply of the black iComp coffee mugs with me, and you can find me at AmigaKit's table. If you buy an Individual Computers product at their table, you'll get one of these mugs for free! (subject to availability, you know the legal blahblah).

Hope to see you there,
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