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Custom chips are the key thing here, they were far more robust on the Mega Drive...the CPU on both Amiga and the Mega Drive may have shared the same lineage but it`s how they worked with the custom chips.. Mega drive being more geared towards handling larger and more objects on screen etc.

In my opinion A perfect sonic conversion could be made on the Amiga but it would require hard core coding skills, just look at "Kid Chaos" as an example of what can be achieved. What I found strange is that the uber talented developers were never allowed or asked to convert these games, the guys that coded Elf Mania for example.. I would have given them the job to convert Street Fighter II..Or Team 17 to make Strider etc...

Also I would like to add that many publishers especially those in Asia didn't really care much or have any interest who would develop their conversions, it was more just about making a fast buck. At first glance I thought it must have been some kind of conspiracy against the Amiga considering how poor and rushed the conversions were but I guess it just boiled down to how cheap and quick you can stick a sub par game out there in the name of profit, quite sad really but there were a few games that got a reasonable conversion, Pang and Rod Land to name a couple.

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