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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Nothing gets damaged, Amiga simply resets because PCMCIA hardware is programmed to reset the system if PCMCIA SRAM configured as RAM gets removed. (Not much choice in this situation.. Reset or crash.)

PCMCIA is designed to be fully hot-pluggable and Amiga PCMCIA hardware design supports it.

I am really surprised at wisdom of your comments above. To a degree, you will get away with removing certain cards from a PCMCIA slot while the machine is on, modems and network cards and CF cards when they have finished being wrote to as an example. On the other hand software engineers didn't write programs for most operating systems to stop the PCMCIA reading a device to allow safe removal of cards for nothing.

You are also no doubt aware that if a card was being wrote to as in the case for a CF card in an adapter or an ATA flash card for instance was ejected during that process, the card or file being written would probably be corrupt or worse. I would expect a card like an SRAM card being used as extra memory, to be in use by a computer all the time it is connected, I certainly wouldn't remove a memory module from a PC while the computer is powered up and I wouldn't even think of removing an external memory device such as an SRAM card unless it was halted by a program and safe to remove, or the machine was powered off.

Taking unnecessary risks with electronic devices is bad practise and once you pick up that habit, its a hard one to break. It is better to be slightly overcautious in situations like the SRAM usage than to risk seeing things going tits up, especially when all you would have saved is 30 to 60 seconds switching off the Amiga to remove the card and then rebooting.
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