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PortsCenter - A documentary webseries about change. And Videogames.

Hey, kids!

It's been a few years since I did anything for the Amiga community, and Dream17 is all but dead, but I wanted to let you guys know about something special I'm trying to get off of the ground.

It's called PortsCenter, and it's a documentary webseries that aims to look at interesting and unique ports of videogames - games that differ from their source material in some way. They may be better than the original, they may be worse, but they're unique.

We produced a pilot looking at the 1995 PlayStation port of DOOM, and have set up a Kickstarter fundraiser to help get the money to make a full season of 13 episodes. Most of that money is for buying production equipment - camera, lighting, microphones, that sort of thing - but the rest is to purchase original copies of games and the hardware to play them on.

One or two of the games I plan on looking at are Amiga titles. For example, we have an Amiga Street Fighter II special planned, looking at all three of the SF-II games released for the Amiga, and if things pan out we'll also have some professional competitive fighting game circuit players coming in to see how well they fare using an old one-button joystick.

Some of the games we'll be looking at originated on the Amiga, too. Our first planned episode of the show proper will look at the Game Boy Color port of Sensible Software's Cannon Fodder, and we'll be doing a Worms special looking at how the game has changed as it's bounced from system to system.

We can't make the show without your help, though. Watch the pilot, and if you like it please consider pledging a few dollars to help fund production of a full season.

Thanks for your time.
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