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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
First Sorry for my late reply ive not been able to get at my PC stuff and dont know if you still need the info but try from !291,766 to 298,433
Thanks, Boo Boo. I'm just trying to map where everything is on the disk to increase my confidence in which blocks are okay. There is no other reliable check for an NDOS disk.

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Maybe the game doesnt save high scores.
I'm beginning to think it doesn't, unless it's prevented from doing so by some missing data or corruption in the first two tracks.

Originally Posted by clenched View Post
I have placed the tile data in the Zone for you in case a PC copy ever turns up and a level needs changing.
Thanks, mate!

I've had the WIP7 disk image running in WinUAE this evening, and the title screen is now as clean as a whistle! (New screenshot attached.) In fact, it exactly matches that of the Demo version!

I've incorporated all the changes you contributed into the new WIP8 version. Those two fixes you derived from the Demo version code each fix a bad sector as far as I can tell, but the sector containing the Level 15 bug was good anyway, so it appears that the bug has been there all along, as you suggested. I wonder whether pickaweapon will be able to tell us. I'll leave the change in for now. We might as well fix the bug while we're fixing everything else.

I'm assuming you unpacked the Demo code to find those fixes. Can I ask what tool you used to do that?

Hey, there are now only six bad sectors to go!
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