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I realize this may be way off-topic, but it is good to hear that the old A500 is still getting a lot of love!

Is there any chance we might see a new batch of network cards from Jens? The one thing I have on my wish list is a NIC that would work with an unaccelerated A500, even if it was just basic functions. I have a 3000 with an X_Surf 3 that has 500MB of .DMS files that I'd like to copy over to my 500's hard drive. Copying over a network link would seem to be the easiest way, but the expansion slot is populated with a GVP SCSI controller without a pass-through, so that interface is out.

I realize that a stock A500 would probably have atrocious throughput over a TCP/IP connection, but I'm not as worried about speed as I am convenience.
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