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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Could you upload the raw data for the highscore table for me please, or tell me the range of offsets where it can be found in the ADF? Thanks.
First Sorry for my late reply ive not been able to get at my PC stuff and dont know if you still need the info but try from !291,766 to 298,433
Maybe the game doesnt save high scores.

Second well done guys keep going prowler

@clenched I like your style seem to be working quickly finding those addresses especially the level data addresses - make a little Map editor at the end

Pc Version!/

I wouldnt be surprise if it was a bug within the game - a lot of levels to test, similar have happend with other games in the past.

Originally Posted by victrix View Post
I just wanted to say that's it's great to see that people still enjoy this Amiga game, it sure brings back memories
I don't think I have an Amiga copy left unfortunately
Welcome Dude and BIG THANKS! for a nice game

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