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Considering getting SRAM for my A600, opinions please.

Hi ive been advised by several people on this site to consider getting 2mb of SRAM for my amiga 600. im not going nuts spending loads on massively upgrading the machine, as im only a casual amiga user (i was going to sell my old A600 as though it works, the original 20mb HD had failed but i have since added 4gb CF hard drive and got the bug back so keeping it)
There is a SRAM card on ebay at present and as i am a novice im curious if its the right type of card i need? "Amiga A600/A1200 2meg SRAM memory card ADD 2 meg fast ram for whdload" £39.95 plus £1.52 del' Ebay, uk seller i think. brand name ALESIS? mentions issues removing card whilst computer is on.
any opinions as to if its the right choice welcome. Also im unsure what whdload means. The machine is setup as it was when i used it way back when with workbench 2.05. Im running kickstart 7.300 and already have a 1mb ram upgrade installed (2mb total). cheers jt
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